4/15(fri) Salsa Social

4/15(fri) Salsa Social

★Sensual Friday SALSA Social ★ 騷莎週末聲色舞會★

當然我們就是在等,最開心的騷莎夜晚!Salseros,See you there❤

* 9:10pm-9:30pm Salsa Free Lesson 免費課程

♪ Door Open: 9pm~0am
♪ Music: Salsa main +Bachata/Kiz
♪ Entrance Fee NT300

* 有提供限量飲料, 可自備飲料但別留垃圾(目前吧台不服務, 但有簡單的東西有喔)
Complimentary drink while stock last, you can bring your own as no bar service for the moment. No garbage left please. (we still serve easy drinks like soda / beer / shots etc, no worries).

* 進門前,請在門外刷QR-Code碼,且盡量準備恰好的入場費,以免退還零錢,謝謝合作。
To enter please swipe the QR code outside the door, and if possible prepare just the right entrance fee to avoid return small change, thank you for your cooperation.
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